Case Study

From Data to Insights: MASSolutions Transforms Medicare Research into an Actionable Growth Strategy


A large health insurance company faced a major shift in its customer base, with the aging Baby Boomer generation rapidly entering Medicare eligibility. To position themselves for success in this evolving market, they invested significantly in research on the Medicare population’s behaviors, motivations, and preferences—commissioning over 20 studies on Medicare consumers.

While extensive, this research existed across various reports and PowerPoint presentations scattered throughout the organization. Employees found it difficult to extract key insights and align around a cohesive understanding of the Medicare senior. There was no consolidated view of the learnings.

The company approached MASSolutions to help synthesize their insights into an engaging story that could be easily communicated and remembered across the organization.

The Approach

The MASSolutions team employed their proprietary Business to Employee (B2E) marketing approach to targeting by gathering all the research and interviewing stakeholders.

First, they conducted stakeholder interviews and gathered all existing Medicare research, immersing themselves in the findings. Using their storytelling prowess, they mapped out the Medicare senior’s journey from initial eligibility to plan enrollment to membership and beyond.

Key insights were identified at each stage of the journey and brought to life through memorable narratives and statistics from the research reports. A comprehensive brochure was created to showcase the integrated story of the Medicare senior in a logical, visually appealing manner.

MASSolutions advised amplifying the brochure through posters displaying pivotal statistics to maximize impact. They also outlined a strategic plan to share the brochure across the organization – ensuring it would reach critical internal stakeholders in underwriting, product development, sales, and care management.

The Results

The Medicare collateral created by MASSolutions gave employees a unified view of this vital customer segment. Presenting research as an engaging story made the insights impactful and memorable.

The brochure and posters enabled consistent Medicare messaging and strategy across the organization. The health insurer gained Medicare membership market share within a year of launching the B2E marketing materials.

MASSolutions’ B2E process synthesizes complex information into insights that inspire action. Their ability to understand employees and map insights to company values drove improved business results.

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