Case Study

Connecting with the Next Generation: How MASSolutions Infused an Authentic Student Focus into University Marketing


A private university faced declining enrollment and a lackluster reputation and needed to reset its student recruitment marketing and branding. With MASSolutions’ stellar track record of driving growth, it was a natural fit.

While new to higher education, MASSolutions saw parallels to marketing other complex services. The MASSolutions team was confident their data-driven strategic marketing approach could spark transformational results for the University.

The Approach

True to their standard process, MASSolutions started with extensive market research through prospective student and parent surveys and interviews. Key insights highlighted the need for an authentic, student-focused brand and transparent, impactful communications.

Leveraging the research, MASSolutions developed the University’s first integrated recruitment marketing plan, repositioning the school based on student decision drivers. They also crafted a compelling new fundraising case statement targeted to alumni and donors.

The MASSolutions team rallied stakeholders across the University to support the research-based strategies. Their enthusiasm and storytelling skills inspired buy-in. They also helped the University secure resources for scaled implementation and managed execution of the transformative plans.

The Results

Within two years of partnering with MASSolutions, the University posted three consecutive record-breaking incoming classes and saw donor participation reach all-time highs. The marketing and branding approaches put in place by MASSolutions continue to steer strategy today.

This case exemplifies MASSolutions’ ability to drive remarkable results, even in a new context like higher education. Their commitment to upfront research, insight-driven strategy, and rallying stakeholders enabled MASSolutions to catalyze vital, lasting change.

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