Case Study

Unlocking a Brand: How MASSolutions Showcased the Purpose Behind Strada's Name


Strada was facing a challenge. Despite their growing success as an architectural firm, they were struggling to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. They knew they had a story to tell but weren’t sure exactly what it was and how to tell it. They turned to MASSolutions to uncover and clarify their advantage.

The Problem

Strada was grappling with a crucial issue — how to express their fundamental values in a compelling and distinctive way. They had a unique vision for their work, but they were struggling to articulate it in a way that would resonate with their clients and set them apart from their competitors. They needed to reveal the underlying purpose and passion that inspired their brand.

The Diagnosis

MASSolutions began to systematically gather insights by interviewing Strada’s leaders and employees, their current clients, and their raving fans who referred and connected them to potential clients. The objective was to discern the firm’s differentiating advantage, the unique value that they brought to their clients.The company’s founders talked passionately about how the name “Strada,”means “street” in Italian because of the founders’ belief that architecture should connect people, just as streets do. Other insights gleaned were that leaders, employees, clients and referral sources talked about how Strada was different because they viewed those connections as the driving force of their architecture. They designed buildings for not only the client user but their clients and their communities.

The Implementation

Armed with this insight, MASSolutions leveraged the meaning behind the name and the insights gleaned from their target audience to craft a compelling brand narrative. They crystallized Strada’s essence into a succinct, but powerful tagline: “Design with People in Mind.” This tagline encapsulated the brand narrative that Strada had been striving to express. It was authentic, resonant, and perfectly captured the core ethos of their brand. Supporting storytelling pillars were built to convey how other key unique differentiators tied back to Design with People in Mind.

The Results

The rebranding efforts paid off. With an authentic and compelling brand story and supporting storytelling pillars that resonated with their clients, Strada was able to align their messaging around their core ethos. Strada experienced an uptick in client engagement, a significant increase in brand recognition within the market, and a surge in positive feedback. Their story is a testament to the power of a well-articulated brand narrative in driving growth and differentiating a brand.


For nearly two decades, MASSolutions has been helping brands unearth and activate their brand narratives through rigorous research and a deep understanding of their target audience. Our process not only helps brands articulate their purpose but also connect with their target clients in a meaningful way. The result is not just growth, but also a differentiated brand that truly stands out.

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