Listen, your marketing probably stinks.

It’s ok, most marketing stinks. Keep reading or

The marketing world is brimming with BS.

(Let’s not mince words—it’s bullshit.)

What’s “marketing bullshit,” exactly? Glad you asked.

  • People who tell you that marketing and sales are the same.
  • The idiotic notion that marketing ROI can’t be tracked.
  • That marketing can’t be systematic, measurable, and drive real growth.
  • Thinking that marketing is advertising, social media or making things look and sound good.

The truth is, marketing and sales are different. Your marketing budget doesn’t have to go to waste, and you can absolutely build a proven marketing system that is 100% free of bullshit. And marketing is a whole lot more than posting to social media and making things look and sound good.

The worst offenders are marketers who don’t get specific. Very specific.

Specific with what they’re saying and who they’re talking to.

Then you end up talking to everybody, which is the same thing as talking to nobody. Or you’re talking to the wrong audience but think you’re targeting the right one.

Bullshit. Expensive bullshit, at that.

You need to identify who you want to speak to and how to speak to them. Otherwise, you’re chasing leads that don’t want what you’re selling. Real target market segmentation and identification is not easy, and most companies actually don’t know what they don’t know.

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Hi, I’m Dave. And I’m pleased to welcome you to the bullshit-free zone. I founded MASSolutions because I spent way too much time stepping in bullshit marketing. It can be tricky to avoid these days.

After several years of leading marketing efforts at growing companies and driving the turn-around of companies through marketing, selling, and storytelling, I became frustrated with companies who didn’t seem to understand the power of real marketing. My mission became clear.

I was put on this earth to eradicate marketing bullshit.

At MASSolutions marketing agency, our clients know that we get shit done on time and on budget. We’re not afraid to say what you need to hear, and we find creative solutions to help you grow your top and bottom line. Marketing efforts that actually produce measurable results.

We start by addressing the right audience with the right message at the right time. By identifying and then communicating your unique value to people and companies who can truly benefit from working with you.

More leads, more customers. The right kind of customers.

All without an ounce of bullshit.

I can help. I want to help.

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