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Mastovich’s just-released book of marketing tips, Light Reading Top 10, offers reader-ranked picks of the most effective advice from Mastovich, president and CEO of MASSolutions. The Light Reading blog posts are published as columns in more than 50 media outlets. In Light Reading Top 10, he shows how to create the same kind of influence through genuine storytelling, with a dash of humor to make it memorable.

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Get Where You Want To Go

Mastovich is also author of Get Where You Want To Go: How to Achieve Personal and Professional Growth Through Marketing, Selling and Story Telling. The book, available for purchase here, shares strategies to help tell your story, convey your ideas and maximize the impact of your message, along with:

  • Ideas to increase sales and generate new customers
  • Management and leadership techniques to get the most out of your resources, human and otherwise
  • Real Life examples that show Real World application of strategies and tactics
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Praise for "Get Where You Want To Go"

  • "Sports, business, leadership and marketing. Dave Mastovich weaves them together in an interesting, insightful and easy-to-read format. It’s a winning combination for both the professional and the aspiring student."

    Tom McMillan, VP of Communications, Pittsburgh Penguins

  • "Get Where You Want to Go provides sound business advice that can help anyone market and sell their products or services. Dave’s creative approach and captivating style makes the book enjoyable and the leadership and management strategies invaluable."

    James Stalder, former Managing Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers and former Dean of the graduate and undergraduate School of Business, Duquesne University

  • "Dave’s writing style combined with his expertise in leadership, marketing and PR make Get Where You Want to Go an entertaining, thought provoking read."

    Chip Minemyer, Managing Editor, Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA