Service Failures

Service Failures

Service failures are going to happen. The challenge is creating a culture where customers are comfortable letting us know that a service failure occurred.

Cultivate a mindset that customer complaints are a good thing. Convince employees to avoid the subconscious tendency to fear customer complaints and to look at the complaining customer as the enemy. Show everyone in your company that the complaining customer is actually your friend because you learn from them. Complaints are valuable feedback EVEN when the customer is a bit irrational.

Jerry Zahorchak Part 2

Early in Jerry’s career as an educator he made a “tough boss” mistake. He takes us on a tale about the times he used to clock teachers whom were one minute late for school. He looks back and laughs at the early times of being a boss and the mistakes you make.

Jerry was fortunate to have a lifetime of great mentors. He thanks fellow PA Secretary of Education Vicki Phillips for her lessons. Names a number of influential members of his community including former Mayor of Johnstown Don Zucco.

Working under Governor Rendell Jerry had tremendous success and he takes our listeners on a journey through the ins and outs of PA State Education and what it was like to be in trenches fighting for education. Jerry likens it to Camelot.

About Jerry

Jerry Zahorchak is a lifelong educator who served as the Pennsylvania Secretary of Education. He led multiple school districts as Superintendent and throughout his career has done just about every key position in a school system. Jerry has been a teacher, principal, football coach, federal programs director and strategic planning coordinator.

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