Bezos Marketing Vision Focused on Customers and Services

Jeff Bezos continues to show he’s a marketing master. During his presentation unveiling the new Kindle Fire and touch screen Kindle, Bezos said focusing on content is what will enable the Fire to do what others have been unable to do: Gain market share in the iPad dominated tablet market:

“The reason they haven’t been successful is because they made tablets. They didn’t make services.”

Bezos has a long track record of understanding that marketing has to make it about them–your clearly defined target audiences. Marketing Myopia occurs when companies don’t understand the market or business they’re in, i.e. making tablets, not offering services and content.

True Integrated Marketing involves knowing who you want to reach and influence (clearly defining target audiences), finding out what they want, developing it and giving it to them when and where they want it, at a price they’re willing to pay. And, of course, telling them about it again and again.

Amazon is targeting people who want online content whenever and wherever they are and want it at a price much lower than the iPad.

The $199 Kindle Fire can be that product.

Bezos probably doesn’t expect to take a ton of business from the iPad. He can do just fine by expanding the market with a device that looks, feels and is priced differently.

Many companies suffer from Marketing Myopia. Amazon on the other hand has a clear Marketing Vision.

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